The Preachers’ College is a resource run by me, Daniel Weldegebriel, to equip you with tools that help you develop into a great preacher.

Who is Daniel Weldegebriel?

I’m a family guy, preacher in training, and church planting wannabe who learned about the nuances and technical aspects of preaching through trial and error and learning from a distance from some of the greatest preachers on the planet.

I graduated with a ministry degree but found very little resources available to actually help me become a better preacher. I’m on a journey to become a great preacher and I’m inviting you to join me as we grow together. By great I simply mean Jesus’ definition of great which is to be a humble servant of all (please see Matthew 20:26)

How The Preachers’ College Began

In 1856 C.H. Spurgeon launched The Pastors’ College, a free training center to develop pastors for ministry. Inspired by Spurgeon’s legacy, The Preachers’ College is a free online training center dedicated to developing great preachers. Our prayer is that The Gospel would advance as we develop and build great preachers through The Preachers’ College.


The goal is simple: share the best practices, resources, and strategies to help us cultivate great sermons by the power of God. The best part about The Preachers’ College is that all of the resources are free. 

Why I Do What I Do


You are the primary motivation for what I do. Every article, podcast, and eBook exists to give you everything you need to become the great preacher God is calling you to be and serve the people God is calling you to serve.

The Tribe

I want to invite you to join the Preachers Tribe. We are a family of preachers, pastors, group leaders, bible teachers, kids leaders, youth leaders, and parents serious about communicating the life changing Word of God to those whom God has entrusted to us. The Tribe gathers digitally at different times so don’t miss those events. Join the Tribe by clicking the link below and we’ll send you free resources that you can utilize for this week’s teaching/sermon. 

One Last Thing

Take action and do something. Learning from The Preachers’ College and joining the Preachers Tribe means that you take action. We are not interested in spreading ideas and concepts for the sake of debate and intellectual ascension. We are here to take the necessary steps to become great preachers and serve our people like Jesus is calling us to. Don’t miss out on what God wants to do through you and let’s grow together.