Revitalizing and Rural Preaching With Adam Wyatt

In today’s podcast we have Pastor Adam Wyatt Lead Pastor for First Baptist Leakesville straight outta Mississippi. He’s also a National Replant Strategist with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. We discuss some of the nuances of preaching in a rural context and we spend time talking about what it takes to lead a church in the need of revitalization. In North America today we find ourselves in a position where over 80% of all churches are in plateau or decline. This means that the way forward for a multitude of churches is revitalization. Revitalization is fresh vision, fresh strategy, and a fresh move of God that leads to salvation of souls and the making of new disciples. Pastor Adam has become a friend of the podcast and if you find yourself resonating or finding tremendous value please feel free to contact him and continue the conversation that we started with this particular podcast. Pastor Adam shares the challenges of preaching in a rural context and you won’t want to miss what God has for you in this conversation. Get your notes ready and prepare to dig in today.

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